A convenient tool for managing hospital beds

Lazarus is a program created to manage hospital beds. Its main task is to improve internal communication in the hospital: between the reception and individual units. Lazarus clearly informs the user about the number of vacant beds in particular units and allows easy reporting of any changes. The program is running simultaneously at many workstations in different locations, ensures their communication in real time, which allows for the current data update. Lazarus is user-friendly: intuitive and easy to use. Thanks to the use of this tool, it is much easier to effectively utilize the available beds, which should directly affect the efficiency of the facility and offer help to more patients.

The program includes three separate versions, dedicated to various hospital units:


Provides insight into the plans of all units and the allows user to book a specific bed for a newly admitted patient.

Lazarus – WARD

It allows user to manage only this particular unit where his workstation is located in. For this version, the following actions are available: booking, release, block or displacement of the bed, while regarding the patient user can: assign a leave date, arrange the home leave with specified dates and transfer to another bed.


This version grants user the highest level of control. It provides the user with an insight into the plans of all wards and access to all actions available in the program.

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